Our Mission:

Healthy Families of Clallam County’s mission is to provide a wide range of services empowering children, youth, adults and families to achieve their full potential, improve their physical, mental and emotional health and live free of violence and abuse.

To accomplish this mission, Healthy Families of Clallam County provides child abuse prevention and treatment services including parenting classes, support groups, educational clinics for divorcing parents and in-home parent aides; domestic violence and sexual assault prevention, 24-hour crisis intervention, counseling, systems, medical and legal advocacy, emergency and transitional shelter.

If you are looking for specific resources please visit the What We Do and Get Help pages of our site.

Domestic Violence
Sexual Assault
Child Abuse Prevention

Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault know no boundaries of age, ethnic background, religion, or gender. Victims can be any one of us - women, children and men. Domestic Violence can be physical, spiritual, financial, sexual, verbal or psychological. Sexual Assault is not "just rape". Rape is not "just" the stranger from the dark alley. Victimization affects entire families and entire communities.

Healthy Families of Clallam County is here to help, educate, inform, listen and support victims and their families.