Who We Are

Healthy Families of Clallam County (HFCC) is a private non-profit agency providing services to victims of domestic violence (DV), sexual assault (SA) and child abuse. HFCC serves Eastern and Central Clallam County.
Each year HFCC provides crisis intervention services, shelter, transitional housing, therapy, counseling, legal advocacy, medical advocacy, system advocacy, information, speakers bureau to raise awareness, parenting classes, parent clinics, support services and referrals for child and adult victims/survivors of domestic, sexual violence and child abuse. The agency works tirelessly to end all forms of violence and encourage perpetrator accountability through advocacy, education, system coordination, and social change.


The story of Healthy Families of Clallam County is one of evolution and development. In 1971 a small group of citizens concerned with the safety and welfare of women and children in this community started an organization they called “People Potential”.  In 1979 the Clallam-Jefferson Juvenile Diagnostic Program joined in the movement to help struggling teens, changing their name to “Community Services”.  In 1982 three community service programs in Port Angeles joined “Community Services”.  This merger was the beginning of “Umbrella Community Services”.  Umbrella Community Services existed for about eleven years, during which the Exchange Club Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse, the Safehome/Sexual Assault Center and the Sexual Abuse Treatment Center evolved. Two other programs providing sexual perpetrator treatment, smoking cessation, pro bono legal services and substance abuse treatment were temporarily a part of Umbrella Community Services but each eventually went their own way.

In 1993 “Umbrella Community Services” merged with “North Olympic Drug and Alcohol Center”, to become “North Olympic Combined Services”.  In 1994 this combined non-profit agency became Healthy Families of Clallam County. Healthy Families continued its early pattern of evolution and healthy growth.  In 1995 Rose House opened as a transitional home for victims of domestic violence. In 1996 programs aimed at domestic violence perpetrators, anger management and violence prevention were added. In 1997 the “Family Development Center” was established to treat traumatized children (aged 2-6) and their families. The “Family Development Center” closed in October 2002 due to lack of funding.  This was a turning point in Healthy Families of Clallam County specializing in victim’s services for victims and their families and caregivers.  In July of 2004 Hope House Emergency Shelter opened.

Currently, Healthy Families provides child abuse prevention and treatment services, including parenting classes, support groups, educational clinics for divorcing parents, and in-home parent aides; domestic violence and sexual assault prevention, intervention, counseling, therapy, advocacy, and emergency and transitional shelter, referrals, information and a speaker’s bureau.  

January-December 2009 Healthy Families provided 6,171 “bed-nights” of safe shelter to 99 women, 65 children and 4 men.  That is an average of 17 people per night seeking safe shelter from violence.  During that same year we saw 225 NEW primary victims with 213 secondary victims of domestic violence clients and 116 NEW sexual assault clients with 88 secondary victims while continuing to provide services to existing clients. 

Please visit our website at www.healthyfam.org .  We have developed a volunteer group that we are grateful too and dependent on!  If you are interested in supporting our agency financially or with your time, please don’t hesitate to contact us through our website or at healfam@olypen.com! 


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